Smart Oven and Microwave - with QR code scanner to directly detect cooking instructions of edible products.


Whenever we want to eat any frozen meal we are required to do two specific tasks. First read the heating/cooking instructions (heating mode and cooking time) of the product, understand them and then secondly input the instructions on the oven or microwave and sometimes even set a timer on the mobile phone as many ovens do not have a time function. This makes it a bit of complex task of preparing meals since the user becomes a translator between the product and the computer. Which means that if the cooking instructions aren’t clearly mentioned it could become difficult for the user to interpret them, likewise if the controls of the oven or microwave are designed poorly it could be hard for the user to input those instructions. Therefore, a solution for this could be smart ovens and microwaves that could automatically read the cooking instructions on a product through a QR code scan. This way the process of cooking a ready or frozen meal becomes a lot easier since now the user just needs to scan the QR code provided on the product on to the oven or microwave and wait until their meal is prepared.

Supermarket products with QR code for language translation; nutrition info; allergy & dietary info; product rating, expiry date updates. 


Supermarket shopping in a foreign country can be quite a task as every product is labelled in language that you don’t understand which makes it difficult to understand any product or even to find one that you are looking for. Even if you do manage to find or understand a particular product you would need to translate each and every label information printed all around the package to know its use or ingredients. Or even if you understand the language you would need to read those small printed labels on the packaging to know its use or ingredients. This gets complex as every product has different packaging style, label design and font styles which could make it even more difficult to find and read its information. People with visual impairment would find it even more difficult to do so. People looking for allergy or dietary information would also require to do some information finding and reading. What if all the products in the supermarket had a QR code that could be scanned by a mobile phone to provide the user with all the relevant information they are looking for and that in in their preferred language. 




Autofilling form - pasting information directly segregates the content as per titles.


How many times do we have to fill in the same information over and over again whenever we visit any website or shop online? The basic information like name, email, mobile number, address and so on are essential information that most websites or apps require when you shop with them or register yourself. What if instead of writing down the same details again and again in every website or app we use, we can just simply paste the essential details on to a dedicated box and the site or app automatically detects the information and segregates it as required. This saves the users time as well as reduces the chances of any data input errors.