Dishnary Manager

This app was created specifically for restaurants to manage their listing on the main dishnary app. Using this app restaurants can update their menus real time by adding or removing menu items or its changing prices. The app also allows the restaurant to upload pictures of the menu items. 

The changes made on the app instantly appears on the main user facing app to provide the diners and guest with the most accurate and up-to-date information. Apart from the menu the restaurant could also manage other details such as address, opening hours, location on map, contact details and interior pictures.

Later when the on-table ordering feature was introduced on the main user facing app, the backend app had to be re-designed and that too specifically for tablet in order to support the new function on the main app. The tablet app had to be designed in a way that it can take and accept orders from the diners in the restaurant. Keeping in mind the core users for this app which would be the restaurant staff we tried to design the app to a similar service they already use at the workplace for managing orders which is the Point-Of-Sale (POS) system. The tables are represented through different colours when there is any activity. It turns green as a new order comes in or turns red when the guest requests for bill and similarly stays black when it has no new orders or is inactive. Once the order is received in the backend app the restaurant has a choice of accepting the order depending on the availability of the items or requests.