Category: Dine out, Food & Beverage
Year : 2016 - 2019
Digitalised the traditional restaurant menu by making it user centric with food pictures, ingredient description and on-table ordering capability. The goal was to enhance the dinning experience in restaurants. The suit of apps included a backend mobile app for the restaurants to handle their listing and manage orders, a tablet app to showcase the menu and a customer facing mobile app with order placing capability. Case Study >

Dishnary Manager

Category: B2B, Business application

Year : 2016 - 2019

A backend mobile and tablet app for restaurants to manage their listings on the platform, edit menu and handle on-table orders. More info >



Category: Custom keyboard, Utility
Year : 2017
This iOS app addresses the problem of searching and selecting emojis from hundreds of options. Since most of us only use a selected few emojis on a daily basis it would be convenient to select our favourite or most used emojis and place them on the keyboard as we like. This personalised keyboard would be presented every time, instead of displaying every available emoji in the system, which is basically the 80/20 rule of design. Simultaneously the time to decide also increases with the number of emojis available which in this case is in thousands, therefore limiting the choices resulted in less time required to think and hence faster decisions. 
#5 rank in utilities in the App Store (Spain) in the month of release 
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Category: Jailbreak tweak, Music, Utility

Year : 2013

Browsing and choosing music was insanely easy on the iPod but with iPhone and its lock-screen UI, there was a layer in between you and your music. While listening to music on your iPhone, if you wanted to choose another song, you would have to enter your passcode, find the music app, pick a song and then lock your phone. This process could be much simpler if the music library could be accessed from the lock-screen.

That is exactly what Pluck did. It puts a music picker on the lock-screen so users can pick a song without getting through the passcode screen and continue listening. Pluck was downloaded by over 300,000 users world-wide. Its simplicity made it extremely popular in the iPhone-jailbreak community. Due to the introduction of Touch ID and Face ID, Pluck was later discontinued.

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iClarified, iSpazio, Latin Post


Category: iOS Widget, Messaging, Utility

Year : 2015

Repetitive tasks are boring — especially when they consume more time and require the same amount of effort. There are times when we communicate with people with the same text over and over again. Like messaging your partner ‘Good-morning’ or informing your friend that you’ve reached somewhere. Even the tiniest effort of typing those characters can decrease your productivity when you have a busy life.


With ‘Written' the idea is to pre-type your frequent messages, select your favourite contacts and create a speed-messaging system for yourself. Think quick-dial for messages. The interface sits on iOS’s Notification Center — which means it is accessible system-wide.

#3 rank in utilities in the App Store (Italy & UK) in the month of release 

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